Code of Conduct

Anti-Discrimination Policy

No patient new or existing will be refused access to medical care from a doctor on the basis of their sex age, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference or medical condition. All doctors and staff expect to treat patients with respect, courtesy, politeness and understanding at all times.


Most patients records are now exclusively on computer, only authorised staff have access to these. All paper records are stored in a secure place and are destroyed in accordance with the RACGP standards. A patient must sign a release before any information is exchanged with a third party. The patient information remains the property of the doctor and only copies will be issued to the third party. Patient accounts are never left in view at the front counter so that patients can see them, and any accounts sent to third parties such as Insurance companies do not contain any medical information.

Consent for Participation in Research

This practice occasionally participates in research projects which require personal health data of patients. All patients approached for participation in research projects will be given explanatory information about the project. If identified patient health information is required, patients must give written consent for their involvement.

Patients with Disabilities

Facilities for patients with a disability are provided, including a toilet with handrails and extra space. There is a wide easy gradient ramp at the front door for easy wheelchair access. If disabled patients appear to have any difficulties with the practice facilities, staff will provide immediate assistance and report the matter to the CEO for immediate attention.

Quality Assurance and Continuing Education

All staff members are required to undertake regular professional development. Victor Medical Centre strives to maintain a high level of clinical expertise and are committed to ongoing education.

Third Party Consent

Victor Medical Centre is a training practice and signs in the reception area and treatment room areas advise patients of this fact. As part of their training and experience students ‘sit in’ on consultations of consenting patients. Prior to the consultation, the receptionist will obtain consent from the patient for a third person to be present during their consultation. We respect the right of all patients to refuse third party involvement in their consultation, and they should not feel guilty or embarrassed about saying no.

Transferring Medical Records

The practice acknowledges the right of patients to transfer their care to another doctor or practice. The original records remain the property of the doctor, but a copy will be sent by way of a computer disc or photocopy when a request for transfer signed by the patient has been received.

The practice recognises the right of patients to seek a further opinion and will provide a referral where appropriate. When a patient decides to come to this practice we provide a request form for them to sign, in order to have their records forwarded to Victor Medical Centre.