Since Medicare was introduced 40 years ago the rebates have not been increasing at the same rate as the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or Average Weekly Earnings (AWE).

More recently the Government has brought in a Medicare rebate ‘freeze’ which will not see the rebate increase at all over the next 3 years. The Medicare rebate was never intended to cover the full cost of our healthcare.

At Victor Medical Centre we take pride in providing you with a professional service in an accredited clinic. In addition to urgent and regular consultations we provide minor surgery, specialist nursing support with relation to asthma, stoma, diabetes, ECG, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring and wound dressing services.

We currently employ over 30 staff; all members of the local community. The fee that you pay covers the costs of running the practice. This includes wages, power, rates, water, rent, computers, etc and these costs continue to rise putting pressure on our ability to continue to provide a comprehensive health service.

We have not increased our gap fees this year but it may be that you will be asked to pay a gap when you may not have previously. If you feel that you are in significant financial hardship please discuss this with your doctor at your next appointment.