It is important to always state the reason for the appointment as there may be a reason to have an extended appointment eg.

  • New patient – first Appointment
  • Insurance Medical
  • Pregnancy (1st visit)
  • Complex or multiple medical problems
  • Drivers License (ECG necessary prior to consultation)

When making an appointment to see your doctor

Appointments are generally of 15 minutes duration.

When you attend Your Appointment

Here are some things to consider when you next attend your appointment with the doctor:

  • Come with a clear idea of what you want to discuss, whether it be physical symptoms or worries.
  • Detail all past health problems-allergies, medications, operations and family history.
  • If you are worried about forgetting something, write it down.
  • Mention all the medications you are taking including over the counter and natural remedies.
  • Try not to get too exasperated if the patient before you takes 1/2 hour, remember doctors need to be willing to listen to people’s problems and the next time your consult may be a lengthy one.
  • Be honest about bad habits. A good doctor is more interested in helping you through your problems than chastising you for your failings.
  • You can obtain a printout of your health summary and medications list to carry with you at all times. Ask your doctor to print this summary out for you.
  • We do not allow phone scripts, as your condition may have changed and your doctor may need to tailor your treatment. We do allow a quick “Pitstop” appointment for forgotten scripts, which is bulk billed. These are only for one months supply and you must then make an appointment to see your doctor.

Pit Stop Appointments

We have introduced Pit Stop appointments to cater for those patients whose script has run out prior to getting an appointment with their doctor. As doctors will no longer write out a script without seeing a patient this type of appointment allows for a script to be obtained. The consultation is for a script only, any other problems must be dealt with during a normal consultation. The script will not be issued with repeats and the patient should arrange a follow up appointment at that time.
This service will be bulk billed.

INR Clinics

Those patients on Warfarin are able to book in to an INR clinic and receive the result of the test immediately. Patients are asked to contact reception to enquire when these clinics are held, usually two to three times per week.

Diabetic Education

Patients are advised when seeing our diabetic educator that they are required to undergo a measurement of ankle Brachial Indices with a Dopler. This will be carried out before the appointment and reception will advise on this.

Urgent Appointment

If on the day you are unable to see your doctor of choice and you have an urgent medical problem we are able to offer you an appointment with the duty doctor. These are reserved for urgent medical problems but if you consider that your problem does need immediate attention on the day please tell the receptionist. They may require certain personal details, should you prefer to speak with a nurse please mention this at the time. For example if you have chest pains, a large cut or a child with high fever it is important you are seen. Patients are seen in order of medical priority so there may be a delay. Also the duty doctor may be called to the hospital in the event of an emergency admission so this will cause further delays.

Skin Cancer Clinics

These are held on Monday and Thursday nights. The appointments are for 10 minutes only, and are for skin checks only. The consultation will be bulk billed and any excisions will be performed at a later date. We would ask patients attending these skin clinics to wear loose clothing that is easy to remove. For an appointment please phone reception between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 11.30am Saturday.