Victor Medical Centre’s commitment to Teaching

Victor Medical Centre has made a commitment to teaching undergraduate medical students from both Flinders and Adelaide Universities.

Students attend the clinic on a regular basis for 2-4 weeks as part of 3rd or 4th year studies. Dr Graham Wildman is the supervising GP for this program.

The practice is also accredited to provide training to Registrars as part of the Family Medicine Program arranged by the Sturt Fleurieu General Practice Training program. Registrars rotate to Victor Medical Centre as part of this program for 6 months at a time. Doctors David Batt, Colin Ingham and Graham Wildman are the accredited supervisors for the registrar program.

The Practice also has interns on 10 weeks rotation from Flinders Medical Centre, and administered by Sturt Fleurieu. The interns are rostered to work in the emergency treatment room with GPs and Practice nurses and also have prearranged teaching sessions with Partners, allocated times in General Theatre, or other time at the Hospital doing hospital based work. This program is in its infancy and is co-ordinated by one of the partners who has dedicated teaching and administration time. Dr Andrew Benson is the GP supervisor for this program. Comfortable accommodation close to the CBD is provided by the practice for the interns.

About Victor Harbor

Victor Harbor is a coastal commercial and tourist centre situated 83 km south of Adelaide. It’s residential population is approximately 12,000 but with adjoining areas (Middleton, Port Elliot, Mount Compass, Inmann Valley and Waitpinga) rises to nearly 20,000. During the holiday period, the population is said to triple.

The practice is conveniently situated on the main street of Victor Harbor. The clinic has excellent facilities consisting of a large waiting room, children’s separated play area with adjoining reception, records and accounts offices. There are 17 consulting rooms, 2 of which are available for Registrars.

This same area has a casualty type treatment area has four curtained and three closed cubicles, each having more specific purposes eg. acupuncture, nebuliser and spirometry, eye (slit lamp available), cryotherapy, plaster, ECG and minor procedures. This same area has a private training area, as well as an open area for venepuncture and ear syringing performed by nursing staff.

There is a separate Op Theatre of 35 square metres fully equipped to carry out minor surgical procedures.

There is a separated patient and staff toilets/showers and stairs lead up to a large staff area and typist’s room with a large well equipped student’s training room. The area upstairs includes kitchen, storage rooms a large staff area and outdoor balcony.


Predominantly 15 minute appointments – longer for insurance medicals and procedures. College registered Registrars have 20 minute appointments in basic term. Hospital & midwifery patients – own responsibility unless cover directly arranged. One afternoon off per week. Saturday morning off, if on duty weekend prior. PABX telephone system with 5 exchange lines and one separate line linked to the hospital PABX system. Extension lines to all consulting rooms. Computer accounting system generates printed medicare rebate claim forms which are forwarded by the practice rather than the individual.

There are computers on the desk in all doctor’s rooms using Zedmed for script writing, pathology reports and X-Ray reports.

Medical records are totally computerised and X-Ray films are viewed on line.


Victor Medical Services Pty Ltd is the management company for the partnership of Victor Medical Centre. It employs and pays all staff, rental costs and all other expenses for which a management fee is paid by the partnership. Each partners’ family holds shares in the company.

South Coast District Hospital

Approximately 38 bed for acute medical, surgical, paediatric and obstetric cases. There is a 18 bed private wing. There are 3 coronary care beds with overhead and central monitoring and a 4th monitored bed in high dependency area. Two operating theatres and recovery suite for visiting surgeons and local GP’s who have regular operating lists and provide a range of anaesthetics including, general, regional, spinal and epidural to an extensive list of visiting specialists. There is a third minor theatre situated in the casualty area.