The Victor Medical Centre and Port Elliot Medical Clinic are places you need to go to see your doctor and have all your ailments treated.

A visit to a doctor when you are sick can be reassuring, as they can assist you towards better health.

Now the Victor Medical Centre and the Port Elliot Medical Clinic has rolled out a new logo. The re-branding started from the end of July 2014 with a new logo and a tagline aptly named ‘we care for you’. Incoming CEO of the Victor Medical Centre and Port Elliot Medical Clinic Richard Pierce said “the old logo reflected where we are, the new branding and logo reflects what we do.”

“It is a statement of what we do and how we act, an attitude and an action,” Richard said.

“We are committed to providing a comprehensive range of high quality health care services to patients from birth to older years in a way that shows that we care.

“Rolling out the new brand is a sign of our commitment to the local community and our involvement in the health and well-being of the community.”

The Victor Medical Centre and Port Elliot Medical Clinic make significant input into the training of new doctors and a lot of time is spent in working with Registrars, Interns and medical students to develop the healthcare workforce for the future.

“Our doctors are heavily involved in the ongoing training and development of trainee doctors in the region,” Richard said.

“Our doctors support the South Coast District Hospital by providing a daily accident and emergency service seven days a week.

“Our doctors also care for patients while they are in hospital.

“Several doctors also provide anaesthetist services to ensure specialised procedures are available locally and additionally they provide obstetric services to the community, allowing mothers to deliver their babies locally, including by caesarean section.”

Richard said the nurses at the Victor Medical Centre and Port Elliot Medical Clinic make a valuable contribution to patient care, for as well as providing support in the treatment room; they perform wound dressings, do ECGs, take blood samples and care for patients.

“In our endeavours to care for you we employ a diabetic educator, respiratory nurse, stoma and incontinence nurse and have several visiting specialists consulting in our facility,” Richard said.

The new website will incorporate the new branding and have significant updates to assist patients with their healthcare. The Victor Medical Centre and Port Elliot Medical Clinic are exploring new technologies, including appointment reminders by SMS and online booking capability. The website will also be accessible via mobile phone with relevant mobile phone content.

“The doctors and staff at Victor Medical Centre have embraced the new brand and logo and the culture at Victor Medical Centre is ‘we care for you’,” Richard said.

“We have been upgrading our waiting rooms to ensure patient comfort and will continue this process by painting and improving the delivery of health information available for patients waiting.

Victor Medical Centre and Port Elliot Medical Clinic have been proud to use local suppliers in the development and rollout of the new brand and logo. These include Travis Crawford (Icarus Design), Notable Imprint and Stork Signs.

Victor Medical Centre works closely with many specialists who visit Victor Harbor. Specialists work within the Victor Medical Centre and also in the Old Sergeants House and Old Court House. Pathology collections are also available in the Old Court House. Victor Medical Centre supports ongoing medical research, working with research institutions to assist in the investigation and development of new treatments.

Victor Medical Centre has recently made available vaccinations for Meningococcal B, for more information please contact the Medical Centre.

(Text and images courtesy of The Times, Victor Harbor, 18 September 2014)